About Jonny Chai

My name is Jonny, and my passion is Transformation.

I believe we are in control of what we can create, achieve, and become. The transition from victim to leader is what I focus on inspiring in others.

My humble beginnings were growing up as a chubby kid, in a household of 10, on low income the majority of my childhood.

I’ve experienced being the fattest kid in class, the weakest kid at practice, as well the person who people didn’t expect much from.

In my early twenties I had reached a place in my life where I had lost all motivation. I had let my weight get out of control to a massive 270 pounds.

I was living in a storage attic of a Martial Arts gym, and picking up odd jobs just to pay the bills.

In early 2006 I made a decision to change. I realized I was capable of more.

I had a newfound sense of purpose and the faith to pursue more for my life.

I quickly became consumed with everything regarding Physical Training, Nutrition, and any form of Personal Development.

I studied powerlifting, athletic strength coaches, physique competitors, diet coaches, nutrition experts, and everything else under the sun regarding training and nutrition.

I hired coaches for myself, and found mentors.

I attended personal development and leadership programs, which I applied to my training.

I began to:

-Set Goals

-Take Action


 -Adjust accordingly.

Within 2 years I lost 90 pounds and transformed my body.

Little did I know at the time that I would go on to coach others to transform themselves.

I have taken my experiences and leveraged them as a Coach, delivering my clients phenomenal results.

Through my personal experiences, as well as coaching hundreds of people,

I have learned that where you are, is an outcome.

And to create the outcomes you want, there is a process to make that happen.

It is my purpose in life to empower others to create the outcomes they want.


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