Family dinner: Thai Turkey Larb and veggies


1 pound ground turkey (93% is great, use breast for #shredapproved)

4 stalks cilantro

2 stalks scallions

*optional 5 mint leaves chopped

1/8 chopped red onion

1 lime (juice)

1 tsp fish sauce

sea salt (to taste)

Chop all the ingredients, cook the turkey meat, then take the meat out of the pan, and add the fresh chopped ingredients. Mix together and serve

Quick Circuit, and Fried Rice Recipe

Here is a great way to get a very effective workout, with very little time and little to no equipment. This is called a “Ladder”. Here’s how it works.

I like to pick 3 movements. These 3 are great, but if you don’t have the weights, just do a band row, or if you don’t have a band, do a Lying Leg Lift for core on the floor.

You can add this to the end of any workout to really max out the body, or you can do it by itself for a quick workout in between days you get your main workouts in.

I chose 3 moves, and started my ladder at 10 reps each move.

Each round, I cut a rep off. So round 2 was 9 reps each. Round 3 was 8 reps each

As the rounds progress, the fatigue builds but the rounds get shorter.

Give it a try and let us know what you did and how it went 🙂

#Shredapproved Fried Rice

Here’s a quick go to for me and my house. Fried rice is in my opinion the easiest meal solution for leftovers. Left over cooked rice, cooked chicken, add in some fresh veggies and herbs with some soy sauce, this meal was ready in less than 10 minutes.

-Chopped mini peppers, asparagus, carrots and red onion

-After it’s cooked in water, add chopped chicken breast. If chicken is raw, add with the veggies until cooked.

-2 whole eggs

-mix in 1-2 cups cooked rice

-Add some chopped scallions and soy sauce 🙂