Changing for Results vs Being Changed

Many times we implement changes when we are motivated to see a
given result from them.

But this is about more than just
getting results. This is about being

The whole process that you are
going through, is not something
that you execute just to see a result on the scale or in your body
At least I hope you see there is
more to it than that. 

This process can be life changing if you allow it to be. But it only can
change you to the extent that you
persevere through the obstacles,
challenges, and times of no
perceived progress. 

We talked about that element of
faith, and that this all starts with
faith. Think about this, what has
been your biggest stumbling block mentally? 

Were there times when you
consistently executed, but didn’t
see the changes you may have

Did you have doubts?

Did you wonder if there was even a point to continue?

Did you wonder if what you started
this for was even possible? 

Not everyone has the same
experience as they go through the

There are some people who
execute and see immediate results, on a daily basis. And there are some who don’t see them as rapidly. 

When you see yourself progressing physically directly related to your
execution, having faith in the bigger picture is easy. Because you see
how making changes directly
creates change. 

But that doesn’t happen for
everyone, and everyone will have
seasons where that does not

Everyone will have seasons were
they don’t see the immediate
returns. And that is the time your
faith is truly tested.

When you feel like you’re doing
everything “right” but nothing is
going the way you would like. This is my reminder to you, that faith is
what takes people to the next level.

Because because if you continue
pressing forward despite the lack of perceived progress, you will have
your breakthroughs. 

And it is this process of continually executing when you haven’t seen
immediate changes, that remolds
us. Changes us. Because this is not
just about getting results. It’s about breaking the old so we can become new.

Simple and Same (Members)

Keep it Simple, Repeat

Good morning team! By now you understand the concept of bumps on the scale and baseline.

If you saw a bump in the past few days, your weight today should show you moving back down towards your baseline. That is as long as you have resumed your eating plan. 

If your bodyweight is trending down, do a repeat today of what you did yesterday.

Yes, just eat the same thing you did yesterday, a few days in a row. We like to refer to this as #simpleandsame

It may sound boring. It may sound redundant. Buts it’s a surefire way to regain momentum and get back to baseline. 

If you’re not moving back down, here’s a simple suggestion:

There is a difference between Planning what you will do, vs tracking what you did.

Don’t track food, Plan food. Then track compliance.

Instead of going about your day and trying to fit your food intake into your servings, plan what you will have today. Then eat what you plan.

-Keeping it simple and knowing exactly what you are eating is key.

-Minimizing meals out is ideal. (If possible)

-Know all your ingredients.

-Know how much you are consuming.

-Know the spices, the oil (or not) and the amounts.

This is something that I do whenever I need to get back to baseline and beyond to a new baseline. 


Lay out a simple meal plan that fits into my servings and foods, then execute. Make it a simple one