Here’s to the Overcomers

So many phases, so many changes. And despite the happenings of life, the victories and losses, the breakthroughs and setbacks, I will declare that the future is only getting brighter for us who choose. 

When I look over the last 15 years, it’s quite astonishing to see where I was, and where I am now. But to say that it’s been a smooth ride, would be untruthful. 

Although the journey typically may have looked like seamless days of living the dream, it was often quite the contrary. Because the process is never as inspiring as the highlight reel. 

I believe there comes a point in everyone’s life, where they face obstacles they doubt they can overcome. A point in every leader’s life, where they question whether or not they can lead their troops into victory. 

Because sometimes it just seems like the odds are stacked too high against you. 

During the times that I experience this, I remember God’s command to Joshua. To be strong and courageous, and to fight for what He had promised him. 

Its a part of the message we seldom hear. Rarely do we hear about the doubts and discouragement of the greatest leaders and overcomers in history. 

The road to your greatest victory isn’t paved with streets of gold. It’s paved with lot’s of little victories, along with the failures and losses you acquire along the way. 

Your potential, and the potential of your life was made before you were formed in your mother’s womb. But even though it may be promised, you have to realize it comes at a price.  

And though many are called, few are chosen. And the ones who claim the victory are the ones who stay faithful in battle. The ones who endure to the finish.

There is something to be said for the those who continue moving forward, when it looks futile or like nothing is happening. For those who choose to fight for something, when it appears that there is no hope for victory.

This is what it is to live a life set apart. To be one who succeeds where others have failed. 

It takes another level of faith to go all in on something that many consider to be impossible or hopeless. 

Joshua was one of only two people, out of an entire generation to enter the promised land. David was a Shepard boy who took on a giant single handedly with a sling and 5 Stones, when an entire army stood in fear. 

There is always opposition. Always doubt. Always the reasoning of why not to. Of why it won’t work, why it won’t happen, or why you can’t. 

But that comes with the territory when you choose to be an overcomer. It’s part of the package. 

To reach your potential requires you to do what others may not understand or agree with. To be able to see what they can’t, before it happens.

In world where culture decides what is and isn’t acceptable, you cannot just go with the flow. Instead, you must allow the divine artist to flow through you.

To fulfill your destiny is to do something that has never been done. Each of us have been uniquely designed with a calling in life, specific to us. 

Every decision you make and each step you take toward your destiny, is a step into uncharted territory. Because your destiny is for you alone. 

And as you cross new barriers, you must do battle. Because no new territory worth having, was ever taken without resistance or opposition. 

Most people only see the highlighted victories of those who succeed. What they often fail to see are the battles that lie in the wake. 

They fail to see the struggles that happened. The doubts, the setbacks, and every moment where the conscious choice to keep moving forward was made. 

We all will face unforeseen trials and troubling circumstances. And just as those are inevitable, we all can choose to holdfast. We all can choose what we believe about our future and our potential. 

Because what we see and can rationalize, isn’t always the reality. What it appears to be, isn’t always what it is. And what it is at this moment, isn’t what it will always be. 

The rational mind says 2 – 1 = 1. But faith says if I have two, and I give one, the impact from what I gave has a ripple effect that produces tenfold. It doesn’t always make sense according to the way we see things.  

Sometimes the only way to victory in a battle is not picking up your sword, but laying it down. Even when your enemy sleeps at your doorstep. Sometimes the greatest battle is to surrender your own desires. 

5 Stones is not a representation of performance. It’s not just about achieving, doing better, or about being somebody people aspire to be. It’s about overcoming. 

The trumpet is sounding, and there is an army rising up. Not an army of destruction. But an army of overcomers. An army that does battle with the testimony of their overcoming. Testimonies that cause a ripple effect that will transform the world.

So to all the Overcomers, I salute you. To all of you I say, here’s to the finish. Here’s to the Victory. Here’s to reaching our Potential. 

It’s time. Let’s ride.

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