Jonny Chai Shred Coaching Program


The Shred is my Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching program. I created this program with one goal in mind. To teach people how to eat to get lean, in a sustainable way.

This program is an accumulation of what I’ve learned from personally losing 100 pounds, as well as helping hundreds of clients reach their goals over the past 10 years.

 By participating in this coaching program you will be part of a group. However each client will receive individual feedback based on their needs.

 I am available for each client to answer any questions they might have, and make any adjustments to their plan as needed.

 This goal of this program is to incorporate my key nutrition principles and changing key lifestyle habits. 

These habits and principles include:

  • Eating whole food. 
  • Eliminating most processed foods. (we include some dairy as options)
  • Consuming all your nutrients (Proteins/Carbs/Fats) making sure your body gets what it needs. 
  • Understanding and finding what your body needs, rather than what it wants.
  • Learning how to adjust intake, based on your situation and circumstances.
  • Learning how to prepare. 
  • Learning how to navigate food choices and options. 
  • Becoming aware of what you are eating, and how it can affect your body. 

This coaching program will provide structure.

It is not about magic formulas, special ratios or black and white rules. 

It’s about incorporating the above principles and habits as a lifestyle and executing them consistently. All while being accountable, and making the necessary adjustments when needed. 

When beginning the program, I give each client:

  • A List of Foods
  • Serving sizes for each food group
  • A daily number number of servings to eat from each food group. (How you combine your foods, servings, and meals is completely personal preference. Unless otherwise noted by me for your individual needs)

As a client you will:

  • Keep a log of your weight, and be accountable to me.
  • Keep a log of your meals by taking pictures of them, and be accountable to me. 
  • You will be part of a private Shred Program Facebook group, where we all share meals, meal ideas, and recipes. This adds value to show how others are incorporating these habits and principles to their lives as well.

Who this program is NOT ideal for:

  • For people wanting a quick fix. I believe the mindset one has going into a program, will dictate the success of the program. Looking for quick fixes with nutrition and weight loss is very common. And what may give someone a temporary quick fix, usually ends in long term frustration.
  • For people wanting to see changes, but not willing to change. It’s simple, we all have things we enjoy or are attached to that hold us back. If a person is not willing to surrender to a new process, and new changes, the changes they wish to see will likely never come. 
  • For vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. (With some exceptions) Simply because I have limited experience them, and experience is a key component of coaching.

The cost of this program:

 My Shred Coaching Program is monthly cost $297. 

No commitments, no contracts.

If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire below: