Workouts 4/13

Notes on workout Rotation:

*Don’t do Full Body and Leg Day on consecutive days, as it will inhibit recovery. Take an active rest day, Upper Body Day, or mobility day between the two workouts.

*If your choices are limited, go with Full body over Leg Day, as it has just as much Leg work, with important upper body accessory work as well.

*If you do any given workout more than once per week, a good idea is to push your limits on one day, and the other you go 80%

*Exercise technique is the most important aspect of our training. Never sacrifice form for hard work or more weight.

Bodyweight/Band Extra workouts

*If you are doing these in addition to your standard strength workouts, be sure you are taking it light and easy on these.

Always prioritize the 3 standard strength sessions.


This is a great session to do on rest days, or as a bonus session after a primary strength session. This routine can be done every day.

Week 4/6 Upper, Full, Leg Day, Mobility, and Lockdown Update

Here’s the latest with training and Lockdown at the house